OCR models overview


This page gives you an overview of every OCR model in NLU which are provided by Spark OCR.

Additionally this this tutorial NLU OCR notebook gives you an overview of all OCR features Open In Colab

NLU Spell Transformer Class
nlu.load(img2text) ImageToText
nlu.load(pdf2text) PdfToText
nlu.load(doc2text) DocToText

When your nlu pipeline contains a ocr spell the predict method will accept the following inputs :

  • a string pointing to a folder or to a file
  • a list, numpy array or Pandas Series containing paths pointing to folders or files
  • a Pandas Dataframe or Spark Dataframe containing a column named path which has one path entry per row pointing to folders or files

For every path in the input passed to the predict() method, nlu will distinguish between two cases:

  1. If the path points to a file, nlu will apply OCR transformers to it, if the file type is applicable with the currently loaded OCR pipeline.
  2. If the path points to a folder, nlu will recuirsively search for files in the folder and subfolders which have file types wich are applicable with the loaded OCR pipeline.

NLU checks the file endings to determine wether the OCR models can be applied or not, i.e. .pdf, .img etc.. If your files lack these endings, NLU will not process them.

Image to Text

Sample image: MarineGEO circle logo


Output of IMG OCR:

“The Old Pond” by Matsuo Basho
An old silent pond
A frog jumps into the pond—
Splash! Silence again.

PDF to Text

Sample PDF: MarineGEO circle logo


Output of PDF OCR:

“Lighting One Candle” by Yosa Buson
The light of a candle
Is transferred to another candle—
Spring twilight

DOCX to text

Sample DOCX: MarineGEO circle logo


Output of DOCX OCR:

“In a Station of the Metro” by Ezra Pound
The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough.

Combine OCR and NLP models

Sample image containing named entities from U.S. Presidents Wikipedia:

MarineGEO circle logo

nlu.load('img2text ner').predict('path/to/presidents.png')

Output of image OCR and NER NLP :

entities_ner entities_ner_class entities_ner_confidence
Four CARDINAL 0.9986
Abraham Lincoln PERSON 0.705514
John F. Kennedy), PERSON 0.966533
one CARDINAL 0.9457
Richard Nixon, PERSON 0.71895
John Tyler PERSON 0.9929
first ORDINAL 0.9811
The Twenty-fifth Amendment LAW 0.548033
Constitution LAW 0.9762
Tyler’s CARDINAL 0.5329
1967 DATE 0.8926
Richard Nixon PERSON 0.99515
first ORDINAL 0.9588
Gerald Ford PERSON 0.996
Spiro Agnew’s PERSON 0.99165
1973 DATE 0.9438
Ford PERSON 0.8337
second ORDINAL 0.9119
Nelson Rockefeller PERSON 0.98615
1967 DATE 0.589

Authorize NLU for OCR

You need a set of credentials to access the licensed OCR features. You can grab one here

Authorize anywhere via providing via JSON file

If you provide a JSON file with credentials, nlu will check whether there are only OCR or also Healthcare secrets. If both are contained in the JSON file, nlu will give you access to healthcare and OCR features, if only one of them is present you will be accordingly only authorized for one set of the features. You can specify the location of your secrets.json like this :

path = '/path/to/secrets.json'

Authorize via providing String parameters

You can manually enter your secrets and authorize nlu for OCR and Healthcare features

import nlu
# this will automatically install the OCR library and NLP Healthcare library when credentials are provided
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