NLU Visualization Examples


NLU can do quite a lot of things in just one line.
But imagine the things you could do in multiple lines, like visualizations!
In this section we will demonstrate a few common NLU idioms for the data science lifecycle, especially for the data exploration phase.

The most common two liner you will use in NLU is loading a classifier like emotion or sentiment and then plotting the occurence of each predicted label .

An few examples for this are the following :

emotion_df = nlu.load('sentiment').predict(df)

Sentiment Counts

emotion_df = nlu.load('emotion').predict(df)

Category counts

Another simple idiom is to group by an arbitrary feature from the original dataset and then plot the counts four each group.

emotion_df = nlu.load('sentiment').predict(df)

Sentiment Groupy

nlu_emotion_df = nlu.load('emotion').predict(df)

Sentiment Groupy

You can visualize a Keyword distribution generated by YAKE like this

keyword_predictions.explode('keywords').keywords.value_counts()[0:100]'Top 100 Keywords in Stack Overflow Questions', figsize=(20,8))

Category counts

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